Year 6 – Week 15 – Day 1

I have a bunch of photos to update for this super busy month.

We attended a fund raiser car show for HopeKids.

Food trucks and really expensive cars made for a nice afternoon out.

The boys were more interested in playing with the hotwheels they got at check-in.

There was a big variety of interesting vehicles

If we could afford a “mid-life crisis car”, this is what Bill would pick!

Enough chrome?

This car was actually a metallic ruby red color

We all loved the paint job on this one

These car owners are also some of HopeKids’ biggest donors, so we appreciated the event.

One day, the boys really wanted to “do some science” so we had to try the diet coke and mentos combination.

You have to put in a lot at once for the best reaction


We made it through two solid weeks of Intensive Feeding Therapy and Brendan was doing very well. He is making great progress, even if it is slow. Then Trevor picked up a nasty virus at school and had some bad croup attacks in the night for a few days. Once he was about over it, Brendan got it. He was scary sick for 10 days and is just now feeling better. He fought the virus but ended up with a sinus/double ear infection. He is still finishing his antibiotics and is still on oxygen. Now we are seeing if he can pick up where he left off in eating. He missed a whole week.

This week, we are being visited by Aunt Beth and Uncle Steve. They have escaped the IL cold to hang out in AZ (and play with electronics sets)

The boys are lounging on their uncle and trying to teach him how to play minecraft.

Beth and Trevor played pillow toss for at least an hour!

Today, Trevor had another tip test. He went through his stations demonstrating his techniques.

Trevor knows his moves pretty well, but in the super busy gym where they are testing so many kids, he freezes up. He has a hard time focusing.

He earned the tip on his belt, but he was told he needs to do a lot of practice before his belt test. He says he is serious about ninja school and he will practice really hard.

My brain is still feeling foggy after such a busy and stressful month. I hope February is kind to us.

2 thoughts on “Year 6 – Week 15 – Day 1

  1. So glad the boys are on the mend from the virus that attacked your home! You have had a really busy month. It was really nice that you could manage your very short visit to come here, even though it was not for pleasure and a very difficult few days. Kudos to Bill for managing with both both boys and their very busy schedules while you were away.
    Congratulations to Brendan for doing well in feeding school and to Trevor for progressing with his martial arts belts. Gramma is very proud of both of them for their efforts and achievements!
    You always seem to work in a little fun family time. What a cool car show! I like a little bling, but an entire car made out of chrome is a little too much!
    I like the boys’ experiments. You always capture some great pictures of them. I think ALL of the boys like to put these to the test and see the results! It looks like fun!
    I’m sorry that the boys couldn’t come to visit this time. It was funny how many times Gizmo looked for them! He thought they were in your suitcase! I wish they had been with you, too!
    Lots of love and hugs and kisses,

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