Year 6 – Week 17 – Day 6

This is a February potpourri, some pictures of a little of everything. We have been battling a never ending train of illnesses and it is getting really old. First Trevor had croup, then Brendan got croup with ear infections and missed a whole week of feeding therapy. Then Trevor ended up at the hospital in the middle of the night with a croup attack again. He missed his belt test and the Valentines party at his dojo. Bill and I had to cancel the date night we had arranged for the first time in easily over a year and a half. He missed a friend’s really cool birthday party. Just when Trevor was feeling better, he got pinkeye and missed his Valentine party at school and a swimming lesson. Then Brendan got a fever again and missed more feeding therapy. Then Bill and I both got the nastiest cold. Then Brendan and Bill got pinkeye.
Now I have pain in both my ears and can’t wait until tomorrow when I can see my doctor. It just doesn’t end!

On to the positiveness..

The boys enjoy their science and the weather was nice so they played outside. I give them a pile of baking soda and vinegar and they can be entertained for hours.

Trevor had worked so hard practicing his combo for his belt test. It went: Ridge Hand Strike, Vertical Punch, Roundhouse Kick, Double Outer Forearm Block! It is a lot for a kid to remember.

Yesterday, the 18th, Trevor was able to go to a belt test make up. There were only 6 kids testing so it was less intimidating. There were far less distractions! He did great!

After breaking a board with his side kick, he earned his upgraded Yellow belt. Yellow with a black strip – his Batman belt. 🙂

Cheese for the camera with his instructor Miss Charlie

This is “Show me your samurai face”.

We were just barely healthy enough to go to the private roller skating event with HopeKids. First time on skates!

Bill was looking forward to it as much as the boys

Brendan was a lot more stable than I expected. He did great!

The roller rink has these “walkers” for kids to use now to learn to skate.

Brendan has to use his headphones because the music was so loud

Trevor did well with the walker thing.

A few more older pics..

Trevor had a crazy hat day at school so I made him a hat that looks just like his favorite puffer fish stuffed animal.

A couple of pictures from last week’s ER trip

Brendan is done with his five day a week feeding therapy and is now in the transition phase where we are going two days a week for the next six weeks. He has made some progress, but it is a very difficult process. Now that he is not so busy, he is going to try something new and exciting. We are going to let him go to school! He will have the same teacher that has come to our house for two years, but he will be in a classroom with other special needs kids. He says he is excited. We just are doing all of the paperwork and medical training necessary. More on that in the next post!

3 thoughts on “Year 6 – Week 17 – Day 6

  1. I really wish all the sickness would leave your house. 🙁 It always seems that it happens when there are so many fun things going on that have to be missed.
    I know how scary trips to the ER with croup can be. It looks like Trevor was brave and did well. It’s nice that in between all the illness Trevor got his new belt at the Dojo. Congrats,Trevor! I am proud of you!
    Brendan is going to GO to school! Wow! That’s exciting news. I hope he has fun with all the other kids. It’s nice that he’ll know his teacher already.
    Look who’s roller skating! What fun! It looks like all of the boys had a good time. They sure seem willing to give everything a try. They are busy boys!
    I hope your whole family is well soon. I’m glad you could work in some fun things throughout it all. I’m sending lots of healing hugs and much love for all.
    Gramma xoxoxoxo

  2. The boys’ science experiments look like a lot of fun! Also looks like your February weather is about the same as ours (maybe we can blame that for the sickness?). I hope everyone gets healthy soon and stays that way. Nothing is worse than daisy chaining sickness.

    The roller skating party looked like fun! Brings back memories. 🙂 I want to see pictures of Bill in action! 😉

    Speaking of Bill, we are looking forward to seeing him soon! We cannot take off any time for the first 6 months of our employment, but after that, we would love to make plans to see all of you. Kieran will need Trevor to give him some karate pointers!

  3. Good evening from the Lake house!! Finally up north after all our travels and catching up on your blogs! Yikes!!! You all have been through the ringer!! Hoping that this finds you all microbe free!!???!! Also that Brendan has been able to pick up where he left off with his feeding program. So, Brendan will be going to school!! Awesome for him!! 🙂 The boys really seemed to enjoy their science experiments!! The mentos/coke volcano looked successful! Good luck to the boys with Karate, skating, going to school and just having fun!! Hugs, love and prayers!! 🙂

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