Year 6 – Week 11 – Day 6

I had a couple of pictures in my phone from earlier this month. Trevor had a test and earned his red “tip” on his white-stripe yellow belt. He will need to earn the black tip before he will be eligible to test for his black-stripe yellow belt. He is making improvements in his coordination and strength. We are proud!

Brendan wanted me to take this picture of the ship we all made together at the LegoLand Discovery Center.

We squeaked in a trip to ZooLights right before it was about to end, and then found out it was extended another week. We are still glad to go. It is fun to see what they change every year.

Brendan saw the cardiologist on Wednesday. He had an EKG and an Echo and did such a great job. Not one tear, not even a frown! He was awesome. The doctor ordered Brendan’s heart cath procedure to be scheduled. It will be done sometime in the next few months. They will thread the catheter from his thigh in to his heart to take measurements of the pressure and circulation. They will also thread through his neck into the “Glenn Circuit” to measure the pressure in his pulmonary arteries and his lungs. This is crucial to preparing for his final heart surgery.
If his lungs are ready, the plan is to go forward with the surgery this summer.

Brendan starts the Intensive Feeding Program on Monday. We will be driving to the Children’s Hospital five days a week for 1-3hrs of therapy each day. That goes on for five weeks, then we transition to 2 times a week for three weeks and then once a week for two weeks. It will be a challenge.

Once he is done with Intensive Feeding, he should be starting to attend some preschool classes at the school instead of at home. Our calendar has never been so full. We managed to squeeze in another month of swimming for Trevor too. He loves it so much.

If you don’t hear from me much, I apologize. I haven’t been great at returning messages, I need to get caught up!

Year 6 – Week 10 – Day 6

Happy 2017!!

We made this picture tonight in the front yard. It is a 10 second exposure. Bill was flipping and spinning with his Jedi skills making the blue and red light with the boys’ toy lightsabers. I was writing the numbers with a small flashlight. The boys did their best to not move for 10 whole seconds! All things considered, I love it! Happy new year!

We had a big adventure today. So much was closed today but the forest was open! We went up to the Mogollon Rim (nearly 8000ft elevation) to find snow! (we found fog too)

I can’t take credit for this snowman. He is awesome and was built by a family that was leaving right as we arrived.

That family also smoothed out a sledding hill. How thoughtful! We were on the way.

It looked like a perfect spot, it even had a little jump.

There was just too much snow to play with. It was absolutely perfect packing snow today.

This is the end for these snowsuits and boots. We just have to make them fit the rest of this season!

Mean mommy makes the boys stop for photos.

Mean daddy shakes the snow out of the tree on their head (as directed by mean mommy)

Brendan is eating snow.

nom nom nom

We started working on a fort but the elevation was getting to all of us, especially Brendan.

This is Vista Point where you can see a 3000ft drop on to a wide expanse of northern AZ.

It’s gone!

This is what a naturally flocked tree looks like 🙂

Trevor has his stick that looks like a pick axe.

We drove in to The Nothing

It consumed the forest too

This plus fog could be someone’s really bad day

Down a few thousand feet in elevation, all the snow melt is making the creeks run wild

The boys love to play by the water, but it was running so fast. We stayed until the sun was setting.

I had a few extra pictures on my camera from earlier in the week. Trevor has decided that he really loves climbing trees. 😀

We want to wish Malcolm a very happy first birthday! (26th) And Kieran a super 4th birthday! (today) I hope they are enjoying their cross country trip!

Year 6 – Week 9 – Day 6

Merry Christmas!

I have to post the boys’ holiday photos today, they were taken the same day as their birthday pictures so there are not too many! I had to bribe them with an early present to get them to allow me to tie them up in lights.

Today, we took a drive up to Fountain Park in Fountain Hills, AZ. They have a nice playground.

Birds to chase!

And a fountain that shoots water nearly 400 feet in the air every hour on the hour.

The boys just wanted to throw rocks in the water. It is what they do.

We really drove north looking to see some of the snow (without driving in it, the roads in the high country have been dangerous and many closed down)

There were some pesky clouds that wanted to obscure the peaks of Four Peaks. But it was still beautiful.

The boys had a present opening frenzy this morning after we had a wonderful dinner with friends for Christmas Eve. It was a great weekend.