Well, I should never promise that the next post is coming soon.  Here it is, almost March.  So I am going to try to get all the pictures up from the rest of 2016 as quickly as possible to get caught up.

Quick update before I dive into pictures: we live in Dallas now.  Yep, that was a big change.  The boys each had a birthday, and they just keep amazing us with how big they are getting.  They actually will be starting a new school on Monday, which is exciting (it is really great), but also another big change for them, which is tough.  Jon and I are both loving our jobs.  We are not all unpacked yet – enough to live, but a long way left to go.

Okay, on to pictures before one of the boys wakes up or before I fall asleep!

When Malcolm gets sleepy, it’s pretty obvious.  Resized_20160910_184720

He looks so little to me in this picture – he just keeps growing and growing.IMG958119

Lots of pictures from Arianna.  We miss all of them!IMG956799 IMG953638 IMG953555 IMG953472 IMG953469 IMG953465 IMG_9977 IMG_9966 IMG_8747 IMG_8604 IMG_3858 IMG_3824 IMG_3770 IMG_3763 IMG_3702 IMG_3700 IMG_3663 IMG_3626 IMG_3600 IMG_3550 IMG_3467 IMG_3462 IMG_2931 IMG_1840

Celebrating Ruby’s Birthday in Highland Park.
20160925_134557 20160925_134144 20160925_132750 20160925_132141

Diaper party time!  Little man standing.

Taking care of some flies.

Malcolm in Kieran’s classroom at CYA.  He just wants to be one of the big kids.20160923_073703

Kieran all dressed to go play with me in the rain and jump in the puddles.  Rain coat from Gramma, rain boots from his cousins in AZ.20160918_130339 20160918_130324

Brothers having PJ time.
20160918_113440 20160918_10585320160918_125059

Little man climbing.  This was days before he started walking.20160917_145133

Kieran ran into his friend Beatrice at the museum.20160917_144507

More Malcolm climbing and trying to walk.20160917_144041 20160917_143734

Family puzzles.20160915_191840

Pushing his little chair around the house.20160915_072729

Silly brothers in a rocking chair.20160914_194043

Kieran pulling his brother in the wagon.
20160913_192107   20160913_192019

Malcolm and I took a walk with Kate and Abe to the coffee shop.20160913_135902

One of Malcolm’s favorite pasttimes, watching the world.20160913_130227

Or maybe he just likes doors.

Celebrating Charlie’s birthday party.  Seeing these pictures now is so bittersweet.  We miss all of our Pittsburgh friends, and Kieran really misses his best buddy Charlie.20160911_143630 20160911_143627

Don’t worry, my Dad has a beard.
20160910_172950 20160910_172742

These two love each other.20160910_172401 20160910_172354 20160910_171742 20160910_171740

Kieran playing soccer – he loved it!
20160910_103750   20160910_102645

He does not slow down often, but when he does, he is still super cute.20160909_092426

This one is for Aunt Tiffanie.  I remember baby Trevor in this outfit!20160906_182614

More wagon rides.20160905_182834

They were moving to fast to get a clear picture, but this pretty much sums it up.20160905_091144

Mike, Jenny, and Penny visited us from St. Louis.  We had a really full weekend, including Museum trips and duck boat rides.  This is Kieran making his duck face.20160904_191448

Malcolm on the duck boat.20160904_165240 20160904_162823

Malcolm and I were on the front of the boat, while everyone else was on the back.  See Kieran peeking at me down the aisle?20160904_162501

We got to play outside at the Children’s Museum.  Sand, water pumps, painting…20160904_143855 20160904_143152 20160904_142556

And of course, the water floor!  Both boys LOVED it.20160904_135404_001   20160904_13455920160904_135008 20160904_134611 20160904_134138 123951

20160904_120757   20160904_120752

The treadmill turns all the bicycle wheels above it.  It was a whole body workout for K.20160904_112506

Hanging out in Daniel TIger’s Neighborhood.  Malcolm particularly liked Trolley and pushing around the baby buggy.
20160904_110912   20160904_110903 20160904_110143 20160904_105653

Kieran, Malcolm, and Penny had such a great day.
20160904_104300  20160904_104454

Another one of our favorite Pittsburgh places – the Water Steps!20160903_155459   20160903_154734(0)


Baby in a swim diaper – look at those little chunky legs!20160903_154345 20160903_154341 20160903_154321

Splashing!20160903_154152 20160903_154143

Floating.20160903_154053 20160903_154040 20160903_154012

Waterfalls.20160903_153913 20160903_153425   20160903_153422 20160903_153300 20160903_153232

These kids had such a good time together.  Kieran was especially sad to say goodbye to Penny.
20160903_105447 20160903_105438 20160903_100111

Stayed tuned for October, November, December…and January…and February.


How am I already 3 months behind?!  So much has happened since I last posted. Malcolm is 10 months old as of today [Well, at least as of the day I started this post].  10 months!  And he is walking (trying to run).  He is still a little guy, like his brother, coming in around the 8th percentile for height, 25th for weight, and 75th for head size.  He has so much to say and is constantly busy.  Unlike Kieran at this age, Malcolm does not sit in one place for more than a few seconds.  He seeks out and finds every possible place where he can get into the most trouble.  He loves to climb (guessing he will not stay in his crib anywhere near as long as Kieran did).  Kieran is also getting so big.  I think he recently had a big growth spurt, because his 2T pajamas are finally too small!  He is also just developing so quickly in his understanding of the world.  The things he says are hilarious and sometimes mind-blowing.  In September, Kieran started in the “big preschool” classroom (which is actually preschool), and he has really been thriving there.  And he is the best big brother too.

So on to August pictures…

Both boys love going to Arianna’s house.  They get to do so many fun things.  In August, Elvie and Effie were still there and Elliott was home most of the time too, so they had their own little gaggle of kids.  img9526481 img952475 img952370 img_9521 img_8785 img_8431 img_6246 img_3340 img_3152 img_3145 img_2582 13886876_1080611782021313_2737091076959251596_n

13892011_1080611918687966_8381881652259274722_n img_2315 img_0117 img_1197

(Notice the rain boots?)img_0092

We also get occasionally pictures from CYA (the boys’ school).

Kieran’s class had a visit from the zoo.  He got to pet a snake and a rabbit and an armadillo, and he got to wear a “gorilla shirt”.  The little boy next to Kieran, in the red shirt, is his best buddy, Henry.
fb_img_1472099714349 fb_img_1472099690969 fb_img_1472099570714fb_img_1472099626779-2

We had some outside fun in the little pool with Luke and Eloise.  Malcolm LOVED it!
20160806_170323 20160806_170322 20160806_163416 20160806_163405 20160806_170120 20160806_173415 20160806_173409

We also played in the water at their house one day too.
20160828_173031 20160828_174928 20160828_175019 20160828_175223

Until it started to thunder – then the silly, wet kids had to cuddle up on the porch swing.

We took the boys to the Carnegie Science Center one afternoon, including a trip down into the submarine for the first time.  Kieran thought it was really cool.
20160827_105238 20160827_105359 20160827_105424 20160827_105826 20160813_15453320160827_111825 20160827_110140 20160813_150322 20160813_143642

Little man playing with his diaper bag – the most interesting thing in the whole museum.20160813_150655

Crawling, crawling, crawling…20160813_151738

Taking a little break.20160813_151740

This was before he was walking independently (which happened mid to late September, just a few days before his 9 month mark), but he was definitely cruising along everything he could find.20160829_095609_00120160806_13171820160806_131720

Brothers in PJ’s.

Well, I started this weeks ago and then it sat.  Here are a few more silly pictures of Malcolm under his Go-Pod and his high chair (he really likes to climb under things). 20160814_100839 20160814_100852 20160820_09542520160806_12564720160806_12592520160806_12572120160806_12583420160806_12571420160806_125652

Brothers and their silly faces.20160821_121905 20160821_121859 20160821_12161520160806_08025020160806_08031820160806_08025720160805_195515_00120160805_195455

September post to follow soon.  I will get caught up eventually (maybe).