May 2017

Everyday life in Dallas in May. The weather was beautiful. We would often make the boys some dinner and go for a walk with the wagon while they ate.  Looking forward to Fall weather so we can start this up again soon!20170504_191540 20170504_191547

Exploring Twelve Hills Nature Reserve, a few blocks from our house.  This used to be an old apartment complex, but now is a wild nature reserve.  There is a single trail – about half a mile long – that loops around.  20170505_191136 20170505_191154 20170505_192633 20170505_192634

Hanging out in the backyard and making some sidewalk art.20170507_175302 20170507_175805 20170507_175815

Silly brothers.20170507_181347

Having a snack in the pillow fort made out of the couch cushions.20170521_082058

Mr. Cool ready to go to the zoo.

Well, I guess we know where little Mr. Cool gets it!20170521_151113

More silly brothers.
20170529_070625 20170529_070636

Daddy and Kieran selfies.20170531_201336

Daddy and Malcolm selfie (photobombing graham cracker).20170507_135754

Silly K.

One of my coworkers had a daughter turning 5, and she invited us to her daughter’s birthday party.  Kieran had a lot of fun and got a bubble wand party favor!20170507_140919 20170507_140156

We took an adventure to the Forth Worth Zoo, complete with friends Natalie and Jacob (and their parents, of course, but I don’t have any pictures of them).

Best attempt at a photo with all 4 kids in it.20170506_114937 20170506_114949 20170506_115025

Kieran hauling a full wagon.20170506_121146

Waiting for the zoo train and having a snack.20170506_122122

Fruit bars!20170506_122131

Malcolm taking a little water break.
20170506_122328 20170506_122357

20170506_122536 20170506_122543

Daddy and Malcolm riding the train.

Jacob and Kieran – two silly boys.
20170506_122911 20170506_123008 20170506_123136

Kieran and Mommy silly selfie.20170506_123023

Taking a selfie with my boys.

There is a new kids’ water park at the Ft. Worth Zoo.  The kids loved it!20170506_131159
20170506_13143620170506_131420  20170506_131439 20170506_131944 20170506_132113

Checking out the new Hippo exhibit at the Dallas zoo.20170521_163248

Tiny hippo and tiny hippo rider.
20170521_163507 20170521_163526 20170521_163559 20170521_163603

For Memorial Day weekend, we did a special overnight trip to the Great Wolf Lodge (about 30 minutes from home). The boys got red, white, and blue wolf ears that are still a favorite toy. We went to the indoor water park twice, went to a pre-bed dance party and story time, and had pizza and ice cream in our room.  It was a big hit.

Trying on swim gear – ready to go!

At the Great Wolf Lodge – time to visit the water park.20170527_161613

Little swim model.

Story time – can you tell someone is SO tired?20170527_194134 20170527_194138 20170527_194424

Two little wolves playing Simon Says.20170527_194436

Riding a unicorn in the arcade.

Great Wolf Lodge lobby and view of the indoor water park.20170528_113127 20170528_113140

Our neighbor gave us tickets to a benefit for Twelve Hills Nature Reserve that was held at this beautiful, modern home that sits right on the reserve. The food and artwork were awesome, and they even had a special owl visitor!20170513_201516 20170513_203136 20170513_204123

Our neighbor Anabel with the owl.20170513_200919

We also had a couple of opportunities to go out, just Jon and me, to try some of the amazing food in Dallas.

Duck confit hash and chicken and waffles at Ten Bells.
20170520_144710-2 20170520_144710

Banana bread club sandwich with chicken salad and something like a Croque Madame on a lunch break from work.20170505_133707 20170505_133705

Mother’s Day pizza at Eno’s.  Yum!

And to wrap up May, here are a few views from work:
20170504_154724 20170501_165310 20170510_165446

April 2017

On a roll now – I WILL get caught up!

Mr. Dramatic having a temper tantrum.20170401_093136

Exploring other floors of the Perot museum, building with blocks and mixing music.
20170401_151000 20170401_151007 20170401_153310

Water table – a favorite.

And, of course, playing in the outside water area, which is a favorite feature of this museum. We always go prepared with a change of clothes for the boys.20170401_161325 20170401_161413 20170401_161813 20170401_162744

Monkey see…20170402_091340

Monkey do!20170402_091358

Malcolm finally reached a stage where he will sit and read books or play with toys independently.  He likes to sit on and in things too.  This time, he was sitting on the little stool that goes with Kieran’s drum set, which Malcolm set up in the corner all by himself.20170407_203055 20170407_203112

This time he was sitting on the little footstool that goes with the boys’ mini chair.

Silly glasses.

This was not the Jumbo Dinosaur we were expecting…20170409_074416

This broom is a favorite toy of Malcolm’s (when he can sneak it out of the laundry room).20170422_092013

Rocking his brother’s hat.

Doing a little grocery shopping, pants optional.20170422_092035

String cheese on the couch is okay!20170422_163010

Speaking of shopping, Malcolm will take these reusable shopping bags and put them over his shoulder, then walk around the house saying, “Go, go!”.20170429_103157

Trying on Mommy’s shoes.20170415_065148

In April the weather was beautiful, so we spent a lot of time outside.  Any evening that we could, we would go for a walk.

Sometimes Kieran pulled the wagon.20170403_19035820170403_19101620170409_182705

Sometimes Kieran rode his bike, while Malcolm rode in the stroller.  Until Kieran got too tired far from home.  Then Jon had to carry Malcolm and the bike while Kieran rode in the stroller!20170404_18534420170404_185638

Silly brothers on another evening walk.20170416_140931 20170416_140953

There is a nature reserve a few blocks from our house.  It used to be the site of some old high-rise apartment buildings, which were torn down several years ago.  Now, it has a half mile or so loop trail and is all wild.
20170404_191717(0) 20170404_190917 20170404_190904 20170404_190548 20170404_190411 20170404_185841 20170404_185820 20170404_185818

The nature preserve is supported by an annual fundraiser at the home of a man whose house sits right on the reserve – but more on that in a later post!

The boys loved playing in the backyard, whether it is the games on their play house, soccer, or the trampoline. 20170408_152706 20170408_152721 20170408_153500 20170408_153524 20170408_154209 20170408_154915 20170423_180430

We went to Oak Cliff Park for the first time since moving here (I took the boys there in November when we were visiting for house hunting and Jon was interviewing for the job he now has).
At the top of the VERY tall play structure!20170409_165240 20170409_165255

See Malcolm and Daddy way down below?20170409_165315

There is an attack Kieran on my back!20170409_170942


The park has a nice view to downtown.20170409_171422

Silly faces.20170409_171430

Malcolm got in on the fun too.
20170409_172248 20170409_172835 20170409_173422

Sometimes our evening walks involved making dinner for the boys and taking it on the road!  They love to sit in the wagon and eat while we haul them around the neighborhood.

On this occasion, they had ice cream cones.  Or, in Malcolm’s case, he was an ice cream cone!20170409_181534 20170409_181537

We also went to the Dallas Arboretum for the first time.  We spent 4 hours there and did not even get through half of it!  The Children’s Gardens were especially cool for the kids.20170415_113847 20170415_114525 20170415_114540

Lunch before heading into the Children’s Garden.20170415_122306 20170415_122316

This is right inside the entrance to the Children’s Garden.  No avoiding getting soaked!  20170415_125717 20170415_130832

But that’s okay, because there are more water play areas once you get further in too.  Malcolm really love these little mushroom stool fountains.20170415_131315(0)20170415_131739 20170415_13175620170415_131829

Hello, Mr. Giant Ant.
20170415_131423 20170415_131557

Little frogs on the lilipads.20170415_132655

Running through the trees.

This was up at the top of the tree, so those are tree branches and leaves under Kieran.  The nets were pretty bouncy!20170415_133126


The view from the top of the tree.  Across the way is a series of areas where they explain different power sources (water, wind, solar).20170415_135415

And below are the big water canons.20170415_135604

See Daddy and Malcolm at the top?20170415_135610 20170415_135612

Malcolm learning about water power.  He wanted a closer look.20170415_140110

There were some really cool views.

Dinner on the front porch. (Kieran was looking at this picture just now and telling me how he remembered this, and even remembered that he was eating waffles!)20170421_191510

Brunch at Oddfellows.  We took our “floating” holiday to run errands and have a couple of meals without the kids. It was my first time having chicken and waffles!20170410_091239 20170410_092557

Snails, snails, snails…I cannot believe how many snails there are, everywhere.20170417_192646 20170417_192711 20170420_072705

See the blue jay on the tree outside our front window?20170430_120559

We went to the March for Science, which was immediately followed by the Earth Day Festival at Fair Park.  Kieran helped make the signs, telling me exactly what to write.20170422_084927

We took the DART for the first time.  Both boys loved it.20170422_103119 20170422_103421 20170422_104051 20170422_104052 20170422_124613

Another trip to Dallas Grilled Cheese Company.20170426_135149 20170426_135156 20170426_135204 20170430_173204

Silly times at the zoo.20170430_150616 20170430_150617 20170430_152526

Mr. Cool

Mr. Goofy

Mr. Flamingo20170430_155543

Mr. Elephant Rider

A nice shot on UTSW campus.

In April, we FINALLY decided on wall colors and had the walls painted.


After:20170520_124206 20170520_124222

Finally, this was just one of many really cute Spring school pictures.